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Welcome to the Wild Beauty of Montenegro

Welcome to Pljevlja, the northernmost town in Montenegro, a place where Christianity and Islam have intertwined for centuries...

The oldest preserved traces of human life on the territory of Pljevlja originate from the second millennium B.C. and belong to the early Bronze Age. The presence of Roman civilisation from the first to the fourth century has been shown by excavations of the settlement Municipium, found in Komini. It is thought that this Roman town originated in the second century AD and was one of the most important settlements in the Dalmatian provincial interior. During the mediaeval period, two of the most beautiful monuments of Christianity and Islam in Montenegro were built in Pljevlja – the Holy Trinity Monastery and the Hussein Paša Mosque.

The region of Pljevlja contains beautiful mountain villages, unspoilt nature, the mountains of Ljubišnja and Kovač, and the Tara, Drago and Ćehotina canyons.